Whether we are Live Streaming, conducting Live Video Interviews or filming an event our professionalism and quality is top notch. Bringing you 4K and 1080p quality recording and viewing is Top Notch.

We tend to keep our interviews far from the norm as we like to do Strange and Odd things like create a zombie infestation at a RockStar Energy Uproar Festival with the band Escape the Fate.

Or if it is a simple coverage of cult icon Bruce Campbell best known as Ash from Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, Ash vs Evil Dead as well as other shows like Burn Notice..but Bruce ventures off to host a game show called Last Fan Standing and I have to say it is quite groovy



Strange and Odd I think so……

We go go from the Walker Stalker Convention in Atlanta in 2017 during an interview with Ash vs Evil Dead star Ray Santiago & Dana Delorenzo talking about Ray fuckin himself and about Pablo’s hair to having at sit down with Chris Motionless from Motionless in White right before they BLEW UP

We go all out and like to have fun but be professional at the same time. We make it fun not only for us but for the artist we are interviewing but most importantly for the fans!!!