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Julie Anne Prescott

Bio: Julie Anne was born and raised in the St. Petersburg, Florida area. She was inspired to pursue a career in the entertainment business at an early age. Her mother was a stay at home mom, and children’s book / screenplay writer, who encouraged Julie to write and perform throughout her childhood and early teens.

By the age of 20, Julie Anne had established herself as a spokes model (working with companies such as Troma Studios and Sony PlayStation), as well as a widely published alternative model appearing in such nationally distributed publications as Gothic Beauty Magazine.

Soon after, she began performing small variety shows, as a way to have more action in her art. But stage performance was not enough for Julie Anne, she wanted to go even further and pursue full creative expression as an actress.

Since accepting her first role, Julie Anne has been working non stop, both in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes. Presently she has an impressive film resume, ranging from feature length films, award winning shorts, to nationally televised programs.

As far as future goals, she is actively pursuing projects that will allow her to grow and strengthen her skills, and expand her resume into yet uncharted territory. With a strong work ethic, unlimited energy, and unequaled passion for the business, she is poised and determined to conquer her vision as well as simply enjoying the lifelong journey








You have seen Julie in numerous roles like:

Clownado (pre-production)

I Don’t Believe In Ghosts (pre-production)

Shakespeare’s Sh*tstorm (filming)

Meathook Massacre 4 (filming)

Kill Dolly Kill (post-production)

House of Blood

Burn Notice (TV Series)


And many more

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