Andrew Divoff


Be Careful What You Wish For With Andrew Divoff


Andrew Divoff Official Interview 2018 at

New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival March 2nd-4th

Andrew is known in numerous TV and Film Roles like:

Wishmaster 2
CSI: Miami
Burn Notice
The Blacklist
Criminal Minds
Call of Duty
Call of Duty: Black Ops

This interview is important to Andrew and us here at StrangeLand Oddities as we briefly talk about his roles but discuss very important topics that we strongly suggest you watch and take part in what Andrew speaks of. And he discusses his new journey in life with Three Marm Brewing. This interview has some very important topics as we focus more on Andrew and his passions and dedication he is doing for everyone. Please check it out and give some feedback on the editing and also the topics which are discussed. I first met Andrew back in Oct 2017 in Atlanta at Walker Stalker Convention

It was an honor and a pleasure to chat and make a new friend in the industry. Thank you again Andrew. You may be the ‘BAD GUY ” in your roles but you have a heart of gold

Interview  & Produced by:
Shaun Blayer

Edited by

Michael Williams