Here is the trailer for Part 1

About Exit To Hell 2

Exit To Hell 2 will be bringing back Sheriff SICKLE ( Kane Hodder ) and Tiffany Shepis for lots of BRUTAL twists & Turns. This is a role Kane really enjoyed himself as well as Tiffany Shepis as they both stated in recent interviews they did with us at StrangeLand Oddities.

Which those silly questions Director & our Client Robert Conway had the great questions on if he’d do an Exit to Hell 2 would they come back. Robert being a friend I asked him if there was any questions I should ask Kane & Tiffany during their interviews. That led to StrangeLand Oddities and Robert Conway teaming up to bring the fans what they want. SICKLE – KANE – TIFFANY.

We are honored to be a part of this team & family That Robert Conway has accepted us for this amazing task. We will keep everyone up to date on Exit To Hell 2 as it is still in the works as well as the 1st Exit To Hell with footage and behind the scenes that you have not seen. Below is Kane explaining his role as SICKLE

For Production, Booking & Talent Management contact Shaun Blayer at shaun@strangeandodd.com