Dawna Lee Heising joins the StrangeLand Oddities Family!!

Dawna Lee Heising is a working actress and member of SAG-AFTRA. She is the Vice President of Aki Aleong’s Mustard Seed Media Group, and is an Associate Producer on his epic feature film “Railroad to Hell: A Chinaman’s Chance.” Dawna has worked on Gregory Hatanaka’s “Revenge of the Samurai Cop” with Tommy Wiseau; Ron Becks’ “Las Vegas Vietnam”; Ted V. Mikels’ “Ten Violent Women: Part Two”; Gregory Blair’s “Garden Party Massacre; Richard Rossi’s “Canaan Land”; Jake Zelch’s “The Krampus Carol”; William Lee’s “Black Mamba”; Adam Steigert’s “The Horrific Evil Monsters”; and Dustin Ferguson’s “Nemesis 5: The New Model”, executive produced by the legendary Albert Pyun. Dawna plays the lead role of Vivica Stevens in Dustin Ferguson’s sci-fi/martial arts/action revenge thriller “RoboWoman”, which also features Aki Aleong, Brinke Stevens, Sue Price, Gregory Blair, Jonathan Nation and Mel Novak, and plays Medusa in Albert Pyun and Cynthia Curnan’s “Cyborgs: The Rise of the Flesh Eaters”. She will also play Vivica Stevens in Ferguson’s sequel “RoboWoman 2: The Rampage” and is excited to be performing Lady MacBeth’s monologue in Brian Barsuglia’s “Shakespeare: A Bard for the Ages”.

Dawna has trained in Acting and Theatre Arts at the prestigious South Coast Repertory Theatre for many years, studying with Matthew Arkin, son of Alan Arkin, and Emily Heebner. She was a member of Sal Romeo’s Friends and Artists Theatre Company in Los Angeles for over a decade, and has also trained with Guy Stockwell; Tim Russ; Richard Hatch; and at Tepper-Gallegos; Fullerton College, where she earned an A.A. in Theatre Arts; Cypress College; and at U.C. Berkeley.

She has a B.S. in Business Management and MBA from Pepperdine University, and is trained in Marketing and Publicity. Dawna’s uncle is legendary Director of Photography Tak Fujimoto, and her cousins are Primetime Emmy Award winners David Ka Lik Wong and George Daugherty. Dawna was honored to win Best Actress for her role as Barbie in Dustin Ferguson’s “Nemesis 5: The New Model” at King Bassey’s 2018 LANFA Film Festival; “Actress of the Year” at the 2018 USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards, and Best Supporting Actress for Gregory Blair’s “Garden Party Massacre” at the 2018 Lucky Strike Film Festival. She was named Best Host for “Eye on Entertainment on Amazon Prime” at the 2017 WIND International Film Festival, where “Eye on Entertainment” was also awarded Best Television Show.

Dawna won Best Actress for Jared Masters’ “Teacher’s Day” at the 2014 Mockfest Film Festival, and was honored with a Film and Television Achievement Award at the 2017 LANFA Film Festival. She also won a 2013 EOTM Award for Outstanding Television Talk Show Host for “Eye on Entertainment“, and has been honored with seven Best Ensemble Acting awards for Gregory Blair’s “Garden Party Massacre”.

Dawna served as Mrs. Golden Global 2018, and was the winner of Ms. World 2008; Ms. Universe 2009; Mrs. California United States 2000; Mrs. American Achievement 2001; and Miss Galactic 2015. She is a past winner of Miss Los Angeles Chinatown; Miss Orange County Universe: Miss San Francisco Universe; and Miss California Hemisphere, among numerous other titles.

She has worked as a model for Ujena Swimwear; Venus Swimwear; Catalina Swimwear; Bikini Magazine; Glamour Magazine; Effective Magazine; FVM Global Magazine; The Digital Dead Magazine; Glitz Magazine; Soul Central Entertainment Magazine; Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine; Upcoming Talent Magazine; Model Citizen Magazine; Overachievers Magazine and CVH 1st Class Magazine. She is trained in ballet and jazz dancing, Tang Soo Do martial arts, kick boxing and pole dancing



RoboWoman 2: The Rampage Vivica Stevens/RoboWoman Dustin Ferguson

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Special Agent Hunnigan Colten Reed Dietz

A Bard for the Ages Lady Macbeth Brian Barsuglia

RoboWoman Vivica Stevens/RoboWoman Dustin Ferguson

Bad Ass Angels and Demons Seraphim Albert Pyun

Las Vegas Vietnam Deana the Sorceress Ron Becks

Black Mamba Esmeralda William X. Lee

T.H.E.M. Winey Swinney Adam Steigert

From Chile with Love Marilyn Chan Aki Aleong

Nemesis 5 Barbie Dustin Ferguson

The Krampus Carol Ghost of Christmas Cheer Jake Zelch

Revenge of the Samurai Cop Reita Gregory Hatanaka

Garden Party Massacre Melanie Gregory Blair

Canaan Land Connie Richard Rossi

Ten Violent Women: Part Two Joanna Ted V. Mikels

P.A.S.S. Mrs. Lipschitz Alexander Wraith

Railroad to Hell: Chinaman’s Chance Lon Yet Aki Aleong

Paranormal Extremes Tara Turner Ted V. Mikels

Teachers’ Day Naomi Perkins Jared Masters

Deadly Revisions Nurse Voorhees Gregory Blair

SLINK Joan Jared Masters

Pond Scum Abby Mark Savage

Kung Fu: The Movie Mei Ling Richard Lang

Forbidden Warrior Village Sorceress Jim Nickerson

Big Trouble in Little China Priestess John Carpenter

Blade Runner Cage Dancer Ridley Scott


Eye on Entertainment Host/Executive Producer Amazon Prime

Artista Obscura Princess Dawna Rhyan Schwartz

LA Lifers Marilyn Dustin Ferguson

Rickman’s Cobs Trophy Wife Alan Wagner

Wilfred Cleo FX

Supreme Justice with Judge Karen Felicia Fitzgerald Entertainment Studios

Magnum P.I. Cleo the Snake Dancer CBS

The New Gidget Governor’s Wife Columbia Syndicated TV

Fantasy Island Miss Hawaii ABC

Kung Fu: Next Generation Mei Ling CBS

Young and the Restless Miss Hawaii CBS


Your Type Carlie Rae Jepsen Gia Coppola

Golden Travie McCoy ft. Sia Cudmore & LeBlanc

Big Data Infomercial 2 Big Data Josh Forbes

Torn Apart Bastille Keith Schofield

This Head I Hold Electric Guest Keith Schofield


Murder at Thick City Layla Nina Womack

Barbie & the Rockers Dana Universal Studios

South Pacific Liat Curtain Call Dinner Theatre

Flower Drum Song Mei Li Friends & Artists Theatre


Acting: South Coast Repertory; Friends & Artists Theatre Company

Education: Pepperdine University, MBA; Pepperdine University, BS Management; UC Berkeley, Theater Arts

* Won Best Actress Award for “Nemesis 5” at 2018 LANFA Film Festival and 2018 Lucky Strike Film Festival

* Won Best Television Series and Best Host for Eye on Entertainment at 2017 WIND International Film Festival

* Won Best Actress Award at 2014 Mockfest Film Festival for “Teacher’s Day” from Frolic Pictures

* Won 2013 EOTM Award for Outstanding Television Talk Show Host

* Won Miss L.A. Chinatown; Miss Orange County Universe; Miss San Francisco Universe; Mrs. California United States;

Ms. World 2008; Ms. Universe 2009; Miss Galactic 2015; Miss WIND International 2017; Mrs. Golden Global 2017










                                                                                      APPEARANCE AGENT



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