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Thomas Matthew Delonge was born to Connie and Thomas Delonge on December 13, 1975 in Poway, California. He has an older brother named Shon and a younger sister named Kari. He attended Poway High School and was Homecoming King. A friend gave him a guitar for his 15th birthday.

When he was away at camp as a kid, a guy started his interest in Punk rock. Blink-182 started in 1992. Tom is the guitarist and vocalist of the band. Box Car Racer was a side project he started in 2002 and released one album. Tom formed Angels & Airwaves after the break up of Blink-182 and will release their third album in 2009. 

In the aftermath of Blink-182’s breakup in 2005, he formed Angels & Airwaves, which has released five studio albums and has evolved into an “art project“, encompassing various forms of media. DeLonge reunited with Blink-182 in 2009, releasing new music and touring frequently, before parting ways with the band again in 2015. In addition to his musical career, DeLonge also manages business ventures that he founded: MacBeth Footwear, and technology and design firm Modlife. He helped score and produce the 2011 science fiction film Love, and has multiple film projects in development. He released a children’s book, The Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve, in 2013.

Tom DeLonge Has a New History Channel Show About Aliens

Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation

Former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge has executive-produced a new limited series for the History Channel about—you guessed it—aliens. “Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation” is a six-part, one-hour series that will premiere in May. The series will feature interviews with Luis Elizondo, a former military official and Special Agent-in-Charge of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). (Elizondo is currently Director of Global Security & Special Programs at the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, the UFO research organization co-founded by DeLonge.) 

This is the second show about aliens DeLonge has announced in recent months. December 2018 saw the announcement of “Strange Times,” a fictional series for TBS based on DeLonge’s graphic novel of the same name. His last full-length album with Blink-182 was 2011’s Neighborhoods; he departed the band in 2015 and was replaced by Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio).

Tom DeLonge resurrects Angels & Airwaves for new music, first tour in seven years
The first preview of a new album and feature-length film project

After spending the last several years chasing UFOsTom DeLonge is turning his attention back to music. He’s not reuniting with Blink-182, however. Rather, he’s resurrecting his other band, Angels & Airwaves.

Not surprisingly, “Rebel Girl” draws inspiration from DeLonge’s recent endeavors as co-founder of the UFO research groupTo the Stars. “’Rebel Girl’ is a space-age love song that combines my enduring obsession for New Wave, pop punk and anthemic rock and roll music,” says DeLonge in a statement.

As some of you might’ve heard, I recently took a brief minute to start up an aerospace company, so you never know – I may play this song from a satellite deep in space, beamed toward everyone’s house viciously on repeat.” Take a listen below.



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