Tiffany Shepis

What is there to say about Tiffany? Other than she is a very talented actress. She is one of the most recognized female faces in the horror genre. Some say Scream Queen. That term gets thrown around too much. I say a female in a lot of horror movies lol. But we can see why of her great attitude on and off set, how she loves her fans, dedication to her family ect that Tiffany is an all around bad ass. Started young with the Troma Family and her career has kept pushing forward.

We here at StrangeLand Oddities are proud to have a part of our family as a client is Tiffany Shepis-Tretta​. She is beautiful, talented, full of energy and all around just bad ass. She truly is a great person are truly blessed to be working with such a sweetheart.

Tiffany Julia Shepis born and raised in NYC. She got her start in James Gunn ( Guardians of the Galaxy​) Tromeo & Juliet​ #troma when she was just 16 years old.

Since then Tiffany has made over 100 independent films.
Most notably the SYFY hit Abominable, the late night fan favorite The Hazing, The After Dark HorrorFest​ Nightmare Man, Sundance’ The Violent Kind, as well as The multi award winning The Frankenstein Syndrome and the mega cult hit Sharknado​ 2!

Adam Green​’s Victor Crowley​ & Robert Conway​’s Exit To Hell.
Two films with Kane Hodder​.

Tiffany continues to work as an actress, host and producer and is constantly on fan favorite lists such as Playboy​’s top sexiest Scream Queens​.

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Here is Tiffany’s IMdB:

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That’s why here at StrangeLand Oddities are very pleased to be working with Tiffany as a client and represent her.

You want to see Tiffany at your events? Yeah we know ya do.She has been in a lot of films to name a some:

Texas Cotton

Death House

Victor Crowley

Tales of Halloween

Exit to Hell coming soon sequel Back To Hell

Nightmare Man

Chainsaw Cheerleaders

Night of the Demons

The Violent Kind

Hallows’ Eve

and much much more. Please check out her IMDb: