Shawn Burkett

Shawn Burkett grew up in a small rural town in Southwest Ohio. At a young age, Shawn became a regular customer at the local movie rental store. He would repeatedly rent his favorites such as, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein and Creature from the Black Lagoon.

As he grew older, he learned that making movies was an effective creative release, and soon became enthralled in a life of making films. Shawn has come a long way from being the young boy renting horror movies at the local store.

He has progressed as a filmmaker, and it shows in his most recent productions such as The Lamb, Bludgeon, and the highly anticipated Don’t F*ck In The Woods (Acquired by Gravitas Ventures for distribution in 2018)




Instagram: @smburkett


We at StrangeLand Oddities will also be doing something different with working with Directors we will also be featuring at Events like conventions not just Shawn but cast from all his films in one spot. Your convention. When inquiring please say we want Shawn or we want SHAWN & his CAST