Samantha Marie

Samantha Marie

Graphic Arts Designer/Director/Writer/Actress/Podcast Host/Producing Partner

Samantha Marie grew up watching horror movies and fell in love with movies at a young age. She got a camcorder for her 10th birthday and hasn’t stopped making movies since.

Samantha Marie wrote and directed her first film in 2010 called Crazed. It created quite the buzz in her midwestern town of Peoria, IL, circulating through film festivals and winningmultiple awards. She then took some time off to raise her children, Emmalin and Elena, who also have a love for the industry. You can catch them on their own YouTube Channel called El & Em’s Kid Corner. Samantha Marie came back with a vengeance by starring in multiple movies since her return to the industry. She just recently finished filming a movie called Teacher Shortage directed by the very talented and award-winning Troy Escamilla. She also starred in a series called Supernatural Assassins that was just recently released.

Samantha Marie joined Sick Flick Productions and became a Producing Partner in 2018. Since then she has been booked to write and direct multiple upcoming movies including My Ex-Girlfriend the Serial Killer, The Mom Cave, and The Foreclosed; all of which she also designed the movie posters and all promotion pictures for. She also is a host of a new and upcoming Podcast, along with Jonathan A. Moody, called Horror Blood & Coffee.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her fiancée, Derek Huey, and their children. They love being outdoors, traveling, and creating together.


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