Helene Udy

  Helene Udy


Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but a dual citizen with a British passport, Helene Udy is best known for playing edgy, rough hewn and often sympathetic portrayals of misunderstood characters’s the most well known of which is the series regular prostitute “Myra” on the popular CBS TV Western Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Helene sister of actress Claudia Udy began her acting career as a child in Canadian shows for the CBC, CTV and Global Canadian television networks.

She studied at Montreal’s Dome Theater school and pursued a degree in film at Montreal’s Dawson College, while continuing her acting career in Canadian movies (such as Horror great My Bloody Valentine (1981) for Director George Mihalka , another well known horror flick Pin (1988) for Director Sandor stern, and of course the iconic The Dead Zone (1983) for David Kronenberg, as well as other Canadian favorites Pick-up Summer (1980) , and Hog Wild (1980)), before moving to New York for her soap series gig on As the World Turns (1956).

In Los Angeles, while working as a series regular on the CBS series, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993), And is also known for her role as “Pel” the first female Ferengi on star trek series/ Deep Space Nine. Helene formed “Fatty Pictures” (later known as “5k-Films”) and began to produce and direct feature films. She has three independent movies to her credit to date (“The Last Blue Day”, If Tomorrow Comes (2000), “Employee of the Month”). and a documentary feature film (on malaria), with Dr. D. Rutledge Taylor, which took her to Africa and Malaysia in 2005. Heavily involved in Indy Thriller and Horror movie scene Helene Udy Is a favorite of Iconic Horror/thriller Director David De Coteau who has cast her in “witches of the Carribean” , “Frankenqueen”, “3 Wicked Witches” “Devilish Charm” and “The wrong child “, “The wrong cruise” , “The wrong friend” “the wrong student” and… Well you get the idea.

If a Director his her once , they often hire her a second time and such is the case with Indy horror director Jake Zelch of upcoming “Mia Moss” and “the Krampus Carol” nd the upcoming “savage Vengeance”, Horror director Brian Farmer for “silent Panic” and “sky harbor”. She has worked with Troy Escamilla “Mrs. Claus” and Dustin Ferguson on His “Amytiville series” . Upcoming horror projects include a comedic

horror project “Lat village on the right” , “fading flowers” for Jeff Schneider , “Vampyr” for Jackson Ward and still to shoot “death care”, and “Necroplasmic massacre” for Dustin Hubbard and “The House on Judith street” for New Orleans director Monte Pleasance. for a spooky ghost story based on a true story.

In her free time, Helene is also an acrobat who’s disciplines include The areal silks and partner hand balancing. She also works in sketch comedy and is making a name for herself producing and hosting a German cabaret “Was ist Das?” www.wasistdas.com that is set in Berlin 1924 before Hitler took hold. She is also presently developing and producing sketches for her web comedy sketch series “Sexy Fun Kitty What“. If she can’t make you scream or cry, Helene is always happy to make you laugh.


My Bloody Valentine

As the World Turns

Hog Wild

The Dead Zone

The Twilight Zone

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Terror Tales

Mrs. Claus

The Krampus Carol



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