Debra Lamb


photo credits:  Ajay Jhaveri & Cheryl Elizabeth

Debra Lamb was born in Portland, Oregon, and moved to Los Angeles, California with her family when she was fifteen years old. Known for portraying a variety of authority figures, Debra has worked with acclaimed directors Kathryn BigelowDavid LynchKatt SheaPaul Verhoeven, and the iconic John Hughes.
Since early childhood, Debra expressed herself through art, writing, and dance. She wrote children’s stories and poetry, as well as illustrating them, and wrote a children’s play when she was nine years old. At the age of seven, her mother enrolled her in ballet with the Portland Parks and Recreation Ballet Company, where her love for the theater and performing blossomed. Over the next seven years Debra danced in over a dozen theatrical productions with the company.
In the summer of 1979, Debra’s mother moved her and her younger sister to Los Angeles. Attending Beverly Hills High School later that year was a major culture shock, but she found familiar ground by enrolling in modern dance and drama. It was the following year while attending Santa Monica High School, taking dance and drama classes there, that she firmly made up her mind to pursue an acting career.
A few short years later she became a student at the Van Mar Academy of Motion Picture and Television Acting in West Hollywood. After taking acting classes there for over two years she moved on, but continued her studies with other acting teachers, including Victoria Wells, for the next several years. In 2015, Debra took scene study classes with acclaimed teachers Peter Allas and Robert Zimmerman at the Beverly Hills Playhouse of San Francisco until she moved back to Los Angeles in 2017.
Debra got her first real break by being cast as a dancer in John Hughes‘ Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987). A natural comedienne, Debra was chosen from more than a dozen dancers to improvise a scene with John Candy and Steve Martin. Debra went on to perform stand up comedy at The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles and was a member of Sam Longoria‘s The Wild Side Theater improv comedy troupe in Hollywood.
An accomplished author, Debra’s stories have been published in Dark Beauty magazine since its second issue in 2010 to 2015 during her stint as a writer/contributor for the magazine, and in the anthology books, “Creepies 2: Things That go Bump in the Closet” and “Strange Adventures in a Deviant Universe: WPaD Science Fiction”, available on Amazon. Debra is also a screenwriter with several scripts in development.