Chanel   Ryan Actor | Producer | Animal Activist
Chanel, an American actress has successfully navigated the acting and modeling
industry over the past decade. Descriptions of Chanel are as varied as the roles she
plays. A ball of energy with captivating eyes in a pretty blonde package. She’s a
chameleon with strength, vulnerability, and great comedic timing in equal amounts.
She shines in the lighter, bubbly types and specializes in darker material, playing
edgy and troubled young women.

Ryan’s first movie appearance was in the independent film WAITING FOR THE
ROCKET. When she auditioned for the film GEORGE WALLACE legendary director
John Frankenheimer offered her the part on the spot, working with veteran actors
Gary Sinise and Mare Winningham. Next she landed the role of one of the Felon
Cheerleaders in the Universal film BASEkeball, from the creators of South Park and
director David Zucker. Her improv training with the Groundlings and ACME
Comedy Theater helped her garner a guest starring role opposite Bill Murray in
the pilot THE SWEET SPOT.

In her early professional years, Chanel’s main focus was modeling. In 2011, she
shifted her attention to acting full time. Her recent roles include a guest appearance
on THE LATE LATE SHOW opposite James Corden and John Stamos; Starring roles
in two independent films, horror film CIRCUS OF THE DEAD alongside genre legend
Bill Oberst Jr., and the psychological thriller HOUSE ON RODEO GULCH.

She can
also be seen in the upcoming release of the comedy HYPNOTIZED starring Vinnie
Jones and Kevin Pollak, as well as the drama BIGGER THAN THE BEATLES.
Her past work includes Jonas Akerlund’s SMALL APARTMENTS with James Caan,
Billy Crystal and Matt Lucas; DOROTHY & THE WITCHES OF OZ, starring Sean
Astin, Christopher Lloyd and Lance Henrickson; SKUM ROCKS with Alice Cooper
and BAD KIDS GO TO HELL based on the best-selling comic book with Judd Nelson
and Ben Browder. She appeared as “Fantazia” in the cult classic follow-up
HOBGOBLINS 2 from director Rick Sloan; ALICE D, where she played horror icon
Kane Hodder’s evil sidekick “Isabel”; and Creature Feature DEAD SEA.
Always striving for more from her career, the progression to producer was only
natural. She is currently in development on several feature films, serving
as both producer and co lead:, where she brings her extensive experience,
knowledge of public relations/marketing/branding and her vast rolodex to the

Chanel is currently enrolled in the second year of a 2 year Meisner program under
Alex Taylor and has studied with some of L.A.’s most respected and renowned
acting coaches including Margie Haber (Master Class), Aaron Speiser, Lesly Kahn,
and Scott Seditas.

Her affinity for accents and extensive dialect coaching from the “Master of Voices”,
Bob Corff, has helped her perfect numerous accents, from British to Southern.
She’s proficient with handguns, automatic rifles and shotguns, as well as hand to
hand combat, including knife and firearm disarmament.

To date, Chanel has appeared in over 30 national commercials including PEPSI,
and VISA.

You have seen her in campaigns for  BUSCH, BURKE
HARRAH’S CASINOS and MILLER BEER, as well as in fashion shows for FREDRICK’S

Named one of the “Sexiest Women on the Planet” by magazines from four
continents, her face and body have graced magazines across the globe, including

In 2004, Chanel created her “CHANEL” Swimsuit Calendar; garnishing awards year
after year and becoming a seasoned producer of photography and editorial layouts.
Her shoots appear regularly on magazine covers and editorials around the world; in
publications such as FHM, DT, NUTS, MEN’S EDGE, PEOPLE, RALPH, etc. Her clients
range from fashion designers, models and actors, feature film campaigns and image

An avid animal lover, activist and “rescuer”, Chanel’s home is a revolving door for
animals in need. Her current roommates include two rescue felines, King Leo and
Tigger. A portion of the proceeds from her numerous autograph appearances always
go to support animal charities each year.

You have seen Chanel in roles like:



Aliens Gone Wild

The Girl from Outer Space

Hobgoblins 2

Legend of the Red Reaper

Dead Sea

Circus of the Dead

The Haunting of Alice D

Bad Kids Go to Hell

House on Rodeo Gulch

Woman on the Edge

The Stork



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