Nick Danger

Event Organizer / Trainer / Booking Agent

David Biber, (Nick Danger) retired from the computer industry in 1999 at the age of 46.  He teamed with a former neighbor to stage two “Iron Chef” like block parties and his telephone never stopped ringing.  Two Guys Grilling was born!  Shortly after that he bought out his co-founder and assumed the helm solo.  Since 2002, Two Guys Grilling has participated in raising approximately $30,000,000 for charitable interests.

David/Nick specializes in Entertainment, live, and on screen.  He has been a Guest Chef on many popular television series.  From KCBS BBQ Competition presentations, to Corporate Demonstrations, he has performed in front of live audiences as large as 2,000.  David has also authored  a cookbook for a prominent Grill Manufacturer.  He actively participates with charitable organizations such as Gallant Few, The Vet Hunter Project, Veterans of Operation Iraqi Enduring Freedom, Land of the Free, and Habitat For Humanity.

In his spare time, David Biber served as Public Affairs Director for the Department of Defense/California ESGR, serves on the United States Army Advisory Council, and was a Charter Member of, and Ambassador for the Mission Viejo Chamber of Commerce.  He worked for the Chief of Staff United States Army on the Soldier For Life Program, was a member of the White House Commission to End Veteran’s Homelessness by 2015, and is a Certified BBQ Judge for the Kansas City BBQ Society

He has worked with Alice Cooper, Patrick Warburton, Skunk Baxter, Richard Karn, The Doors, Rush, Orianthi, Huey Lewis, REO Speedwagon, Matt Dillon, Bonnie Morgan, and many more.

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