George C. Romero and Romero Pictures Indie Brigade Keeps Rising To The Top

George C. Romero

George C. Romero


George Romero is a film and television producer and director and is one half of Romero Pictures with Rebecca Romero.

With almost two dozen films and hundreds of commercial campaigns under his belt, George has written, produced and/or directed, arranged financing for more than 35 film, television and streaming projects and serves as a business consultant and mentor for young and new filmmakers, content creators and entrepreneurs to help them navigate the turbulence of the entertainment industry.

Romero also works as a set/production designer for small, independent short films and feature length projects; overseeing and executing the design and construction of sets, props and design pieces with his son.

George received a B.A. in English Literature and attended the film production program at the Valencia school of film in Orlando, FL. What sets him apart from other producer/directors is the fact that he spent his early life coming up hard in the film industry working in almost every department on small and large film productions from his father’s “The Dark Half” to “The Burbs” and “Roadhouse,” to name a few.

This early and comprehensive exposure to the film industry and the process of filmmaking offered Romero the opportunity to learn the intimate details of production at a granular level while nurturing his own creative endeavors which has led Romero to his current career stage and afforded him the experience necessary to provide a steady and guiding hand to those he works with and mentors

Some Of George’s Work Include:

Night of the Living Dead Part II

The Killer Among Us

Living Dead Presents: Fog City


The Killer Among Us 

Zombie Day Apocalypse

Staunton Hill

The Crucible


Road House

The ‘Burbs

Monkey Shines

And Much More

We are also working with George on Romero Pictures Indie Brigade which is taking the indie world by storm.

GEORGE C. ROMERO and his production company, Romero Pictures, has
launched Romero Pictures’ Indie Brigade as the tip of the spear for a
punk-rock community of indie creators in film, television and indie

The Indie Brigade is a place where indie creators, new and
experienced can come together, collaborate, teach and learn from each
other as well as our growing pool of seasoned professionals with years
of experience in the larger-budget, studio system.”
Combining the Indie Brigade community with the podcast produced by Joe
, Romero offers filmmakers, musicians and creators a place to
interact with the community in a live Q&A setting as well as a
community group where members collaborate, share processes, hard
lessons learned, tips and tricks to help members up their production
value and prepare their projects and their careers for the next step.

A legacy in the film industry, Romero has dedicated his career to
carrying on the standard of quality and punk rock attitude started by
a handful of outlaw creators like his father more than fifty years
Additionally, Romero Pictures’ Indie Brigade has launched an indie
distribution label that will curate and distribute selected projects
“…with the single-minded intent of getting filmmakers’ content seen by
as many people as possible,” and has appointed Dean Fernando the new
Vice President of Acquisition and Distribution for Romero Pictures and
the Indie Brigade.