Joshue Winch Joins StrangeLand Oddities Family!!!!

Joshua   Winch

Joshua Allen Winch was born in Racine, Wisconsin on November 8th. Early on his parents fostered an appreciation in the arts, enrolling Joshua and his twin sister Katie in ballet at the age of 5.
He and his sister were featured in The Nutcracker, Hansel and Gretel, and Cinderella. Later, Joshua would take art classes for cartoon and comic book drawing as well as being involved with many school plays.
It wasn’t until Joshua’s family moved to Watonga, Oklahoma and he was urged by the Drama and English teacher to audition for both a community theater play and for a theater scholarship that he considered the possibilities of an acting career.
After a couple of years of studying theatre he was cast in a student film and from there; he fell in love with the art of film making. Joshua is now an actor and producer with one goal, to entertain while doing the one thing he loves the most, making movies.



Some of Joshua’s work is below whether as an Actor / Producer:

Lake Fear 3

Fall of Grace

Lake Fear

Terror House (consulting producer)

Buttonman (L’assassino)  (executive producer) 

My Dark Love  (executive producer) 
Forget the Pact  (associate producer) 
The Devil’s Gravestone (executive producer) 
Street Creatures  (associate producer)