Be Careful What You Wish For with Andrew Divoff

Andrew Divoff Interview 2018 at New Jersey Horror Con March 2nd-4th You have seen Andrew in many many TV and Movie roles like: Wishmaster 2 Lost CSI: Miami The Hatred Much much more BUT………

This interview focuses more on Andrew himself. Yes we touch base about some of his roles and some fun facts BUT…. Listen to the whole thing as Andrew has a Brewery in the works, his charities and scholarships he is very PROUD to be a part of. You will learn some personal tid bits about Andrew but most of all

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR- Support Andrew – Support the Brewery – Support his causes and campaigns and listen to a great interview by a stand up gentleman and scholar who is portrayed as a ” BAD GUY ” but you be the judge on this amazing interview. Thank you Andrew for the great stories and being very informative about the topics discussed in our interview

Interview done by Shaun Blayer