Nuclear Blast Records Join the PUCK HCKY Custom Sportswear Brand Roster

Nuclear Blast Records Join the PUCK HCKY Custom Sportswear Brand Roster

PUCK HCKY ( – the custom hockey apparel brand dominating music merchandise – have recently partnered with an exciting mix of artists, such as Snoop Dogg (who recently sported his PUCK HCKY brand hat on Jimmy Kimmel Live), TestamentOverkillExodus and Gruesome. Today,PUCK HCKY is thrilled to announce their collaboration with premier metal label Nuclear Blast Records.

The Nuclear Blast Records “Fiercely Independent” collection continues the 30-Year Anniversary celebration for the legendary label in a fun and unexpected way. Hockey and heavy metal music are a well-known match made on ice, and when PUCK HCKY took the classic Nuclear Blast Records logo stylings along with adding some brand-new touches, the collection was born. On the classic side, the metalcore jersey fully reps Nuclear Blast in both design and colorway. While the new Mushroom Cloud jersey design brings an entirely different vibe to the collection. The namesake “Fiercely Independent” design is available on a variety of items, and pay special attention to the little details within the designs as PUCK HCKY has left a couple surprises for the true Nuclear Blast Records connoisseur!

Matt Marini
, CEO of PUCK HCKY says: “First and foremost, PUCK HCKY wants to congratulate Nuclear Blast Records on a great 30 years! What makes the collection click is that Nuclear Blast has an international roster of artists that are hockey fans. PUCK HCKY currently has collaborations withNuclear Blast artists Overkill, Testament, Exodus, and Meshuggah will be coming soon – so we just loved the idea of flipping the script and signing the record label!”

Gerardo Martinez adds: “A great number of Nuclear Blast artist’s over the years have shown their tremendous love and admiration for hockey. It’s their passion and a lifestyle and love besides heavy metal. We are thrilled to partner up with PUCK HCKY and continue our 30 years celebration!”

The line features not only hockey jerseys, but also several different colored hoodies and flannels. See below for images of selections from the Nuclear Blast collection and visit to see every design:

The current PUCK HCKY team roster includes Snoop Dogg, Testament, Overkill, ExodusDarkest HourGruesome, Hed PE, David Ellefson of MegadethAll Hail The YetiDoyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Monster Truck, Ice Guardians movie, 36 Crazyfists, Nuclear Blast Records, First Jason (Friday the 13th), Tomas Tatar (Detroit Red Wings), Marian Hossa (Chicago Blackhawks), Calvin Pickard (Colorado Avalanche), Eric Comrie (Winnipeg Jets) and Thom Hazaert.

To order these and other PUCK HCKY merchandise designs, please visit You can also visit PUCK HCKY on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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Independently owned for 30 years and counting, Nuclear Blast Records is synonymous with the worldwide advancement of heavy metal, extreme music, and hard rock. Founded in Donzdorf, Germany in 1987 by Markus Staiger, and headed in the US at the Los Angeles office for fifteen years by Gerardo Martinez. Nuclear Blast boasts a roster of over 100 bands representing eighteen countries. Their satellite office in Los Angeles has helped build the label’s trusted global reputation with numerous Billboard album chart entries, high-profile tours, and continual signings of new & heritage acts. For more information about the label and its artists, visit