Gore Noir Magazine Kickstarter – Show support with your Pledge with Cool Prizes & Look Into What The Future Holds…Who is Gore Noir Magazine you ask? Well read our article on our Website

WE LOVE YOU!  Thanks for taking the time to visit our ghoulish Kickstarter page!  All businesses need to be funded in one manner or another right?  Either the owner has deep pockets, the business seeks a bank loan, or some sort of CRAZY MAGIC happens..  Well we here at Gore Noir Magazine are looking to make magic happen with your help!  How can you help?  EASY!  Select a perk on the right hand side that tickles your fancy and your money will go towards us reaching our goal!  You’ll be a part of History as we are looking to generate the most amount of funding a horror magazine has ever received on Kickstarter or any crowdfunding site for that matter!

What’s next?!  Next you’ll just share our Kickstarter campaign on any and all social media that you have in order to help get the word out!  Who knows your friend could be the one that decides to plop down the money to tattoo anything they want on my skin.  YES!  I’m surrendering my own FLESH and BLOOD for this magazine!  That’s how much I’ve loved creating Gore Noir Magazine over the last 6 years..  Horror is a labor of love for me and all it takes is picking up a issue of the magazine to see that.

So PLEASE please PLEASE don’t let another horror magazine go the way of Fangoria..  We want to help grow the community with your help, input, and your collaboration!  This is a call to arms for all your horror ghouls!

Scroll to the bottom for our STRETCH GOALS!  If we hit the goal associated, the currently blacked out item will be “illuminated” and you’ll either get the item FOR FREE (so share this page often!) if you meet the criteria OR you’ll be able to add it to your order for a small fee!  Many of these are Kickstarter exclusives and will be sure to be COLLECTORS ITEMS

Pledge $5 or more

A Bloody Cool Sticker!

You get a Kickstarter Exclusive Black & Orange Sparkle Gore Logo sticker!!

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Limited (996 left of 1000)4 backers

Pledge $10 or more

Pick an issue.. Any Issue!

Choose between issue 11, 12, 13, or 15 (preorder)

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4 backers

Pledge $15 or more

Coffin Shaped Magazine!

Get your hands on a limited edition coffin shaped issue! These sell out every year! This issue will feature an article on Haxan Witchcraft Through the Ages, an interview with Chris Andres, and more artists/articles/and interviews TBA! Sweet cover featuring imagery from Haxan! Limited to 333 pcs!

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Limited (331 left of 333)2 backers

Pledge $23 or more

3 Back Issues to Your Castle!

You’ll receive issue 11, 12, and 13 of our wonderful bloody magazine! Chock full of horror artwork and other radness!

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3 backers

Pledge $25 or more

Rad Gore Logo Tshirts!!

Look hip as hell in our Gore Noir Magazine logo tshirt! For the first time ever available in ORANGE!!

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6 backers

Pledge $25 or more

Issue 15 Sign’d & #’d by Creator

Want the creep that makes the magazine to sign your copy? YOU’RE IN LUCK! (well maybe) This option is limited to only 200 pieces as we don’t want his wrist to go out while signing. We’ve been told he values his wrist..

Pledge $30 or more

Four Gore’s! (4 magazines)

You get Gore Noir Magazine issues 11, 12, 13, and 15! You’ll be the coolest ghoul on the block!!

Pledge $30 or more

Limited Edition Gorey Ghoulman Shirt!

This Ghoul is fresh out of the toilet and running your way! Limited edition design only available on Kickstarter for now! Get yours!

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Limited (197 left of 200)3 backers

Pledge $30 or more

Gore Trucker Hat! (yeehaw)

Be the envy of all the goblins in your crew! This trucker hat is to DIE for!

Pledge $40 or more

Business Card Sized Magazine Spot!

Whatever your heart desires in our magazine as long as it fits into a business card sized spot.. Wanna say “I Love You Bruce Campbell”? Sure! Let’s do it!


Pledge $60 or more

Devils’ in the Retail!

You get 4 copies of each of our 3 back issues! That’s 12 magazines! You don’t have to be a retailer to get this, you could always hand them out as gifts.. Ya know?

Pledge $60 or more

Video Chat W/Gore Noir Magazine Owner!

You really wanna do this? WELL OKAY! Pick the brain of the “creative mastermind” behind Gore Noir Magazine! Ask him about “Magazine Mogul” activities and find out why he’s into bloody stuff so much.. What a weirdo..

Pledge $75 or more

Gorey Ghoulman Personalized Video!

Video of our mascot Gorey Ghoulman saying whatever the heck you want him to say for 30 seconds! Can purchase multiple of this reward for longer video if you’d like!


Pledge $80 or more

Retail Rat Pack!

But wait.. “I want to sell issue 15 at my store!” You say? Fine! Get 4 each of issues 11, 12, 13, and 15! Once again you don’t have to be a retailer to get this, you could always hand them out as gifts..

Pledge $80 or more

Yer Face in a Comic as a JASON victim!

You will be drawn into a mini comic by Dominic Davi as a victim of Jason Vorhees! That’s right! Your likeness being killed by the legend himself! This mini comic will be printed in Gore Noir Magazine issue 16 (Your Face in Print!) and you will get a PDF digital version of the comic! How cool is that!?!

Pledge $100 or more

Half a Page in Gore Noir Magazine!

Whatever your heart desires in our magazine as long as it fits on half a page.. Wanna confess your love for the Twilight series? Well…


Pledge $200 or more


Wow… You’re pretty cool huh? i guess you want to write a whole damn love letter? Or promote your horror business? Maybe both? We got you covered!


Pledge $250 or more

Your Very Own Blood Shower!

Ever wanted to take a shower in blood? Did you want said shower to be filmed and photographed for future enjoyment? Well YOU’RE IN LUCK! Gore Noir Magazine & photographer Ocular Offerings (Fernie Renteria) will come to your hometown and shower you in blood! (United States only does not include Alaska or Hawaii) UP TO 2 models per shower (split it with your friend!)

Pledge $2,500 or more

Blood Wrestling Event in YOUR CITY

Haven’t been able to make it out to one of our events? ITS OKAY! We will come to YOU! You can ALSO choose SLIME WRESTLING (United States only does not include Alaska or Hawaii) All you need to provide is a Venue (local bar or your backyard works!) Want friends to come? FINE! Want it to be just yourself? Whatever floats your boat creep! You’ll be the ghoul of honor and have your own spot for the event/hang out with Gore Noir Magazine’s owner and Crew!

Pledge $4,000 or more

Your Design Tattooed on My Skin

What other magazine creator would spill their own blood and sacrifice their own flesh for their passion for horror? You will get to select whatever you want tattooed on my skin in a 3″x3″ patch on whichever part I select it to go on. This “EVENT” of a tattoo will be filmed and photographed and those videos and photos will be sent to you for whatever promotion you want to do with them. I’ll even run a 1 page article on the tattoo in the magazine! ONLY 1 OF THIS OPTION IS AVAILABLE!

Gore Noir Magazine has been around for 6 years and from the beginning we were looking to merge our love of HORROR CULTURE into the magazine world. With a strong emphasis on Horror Artwork in all it’s forms and a goal of giving this magazine a real personality above all, we set out to make it all a reality. Gore Noir Magazine embraced it’s ability to do the things larger magazines couldn’t do. Gore Noir brought the world the first coffin shaped magazine, all black and white, paying homage to the magazines that set the bar for everything we see today. We also put out things like a scratch and sniff Tarman (Return of the Living Dead) cover, a full array of They Live (stark white with black lettering) covers taken from the magazine shelves of the movie, as well as various limited edition covers.

Along with our magazines we love attending and vending at conventions all over the states. When we aren’t attending other’s events we are throwing our own. Gore Noir’s brand of events are very much like our magazine: a little bit different. We usually have bands that range from psychobilly, rockabilly, metal, or in between, along with sideshow and burlesque. To add the cherry to the top most of our events feature either BLOOD or slime wrestling! It’s come to be our “calling card” if you will..

Risks and challenges

We’ve already taken the risk 6 years ago and created a PRINT Horror Magazine in the middle of this digital age. People are all skeptical of printed media, of analog media in this digital age. What have the people said to these skeptics? It’s been a resounding.. F%@&K YOU! We’ve started buying more records, VHS tapes, music tapes, and embracing the tactile feeling of holding something awesome and amazing in our hands. Can you let a friend borrow your digital copy of our magazine? Can you be one of only 200 people to own on of our coffin shaped issues if it was digital? Can you scratch n sniff a digital magazine? NO!!